From horses to planes.

Saturday was Claire and Robs last full day so we decide to go out to the great plain, Hortobágy. I’ve been before with Maria and John to the Bridge Fair at the famous 9 arch bridge.
They have done a lot of work since then and we had a good wander around the exhibits, and Maria got all dewy eyed about some weaving. Apparently it’s just like her mum used to have and she had to have a couple of tea towels. I think she has the biggest collection of tea towels in the world, I don’t know where they all came from. We then decided to take a ride out onto the puszta (plain) in a horse drawn cart. It was rather dusty but well worth it. We saw some great displays of horsemanship.
The evening was spent quietly packing, trying to decide how much could be taken on the plane and what would have to be left for us to take back in the car.
On Sunday morning we took the kids to the airport. We were sorry to see them go but both had to get back to their jobs. We went back to Eger via one of the wine cellars and bought a few more bottles of wine (36!!!) and then went into Eger for a quiet sit down (and cake and ice cream).

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