Off to Hollokö on Friday. This village is a world heritage site and very attractive and picturesque.
The only problem is the roads are very difficult and tiring to walk on.
We met a very nice lady selling some of her embroidery who was very taken with me and asked us to send her a photo when we got home.
By the time we got to the end of the village Maria and John were keen to make their way back, so it left just Claire, Robert and I to climb to the castle. Claire is almost as good as Maria at muttering.
Apparently as maria and John made their way back through the village my fame had spread and I was asked for. I was busy making a new friend at the castle. (I think his outfit was a bit out of date.)
We had a quick cake and iced coffee before heading back. The nice young lady agve me a bunch of wild lavender. Once we got back to Eger we were all shattered and fit for nothing but some nice food and a drink I’m getting quite fond of pálinka

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