And on to Thursday.

We’ve been trying to alternate days with long drives with days nearby. So Thursday we decided to spend the day in Eger. First we went to the Rác church. It is a Serbian Orthodox church and as such HIGHLY decorated. Even I was impressed.
The only problem was getting up to it. It involved some rather steep, uneven and rickety stairs. You can imagine Maria’s reaction. She’s getting well practised at muttering. After that she needed a quiet sit down, so she settled to some sketching and John to some sitting quietly in Dobo Square. Claire has noticed that the Hungarians seem fond of having a quiet sit down, on a bench, a wall.. anything handy really. I think John is trying to blend in. We youngsters headed up to the castle, a bit of a climb but well worth it. The view was tremendous.
After all that exercise we felt we deserved a treat, and when John texted that he had hunted down a cukrázda, we felt it was time to join them. The ice cream was excellent.
On the way back we bought a watermelon and some local grapes from a roadside seller. I’m afraid I rather pigged out on it. But it tastes so much better than the stuff we get back home.

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