Internet is back!!!

We lost the internet for DAYS! It was something to do with the router or something (I leave these technical things to John). So I’ve not been able to post, but we’ve been busy. Hope I can remember everything.
On Wednesday we went to Tokaj, in search of some more wine. We wanted to taste before buying, but when Maria saw the stairs to the cellar, she decided to stay at the top, well someone has to drive anyway and Hungary has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving. She could trust our taste.
After we ‘d bought a couple of dozen bottles we thought a bit of culture would go down well. The museum has a lot of icons and both Claire and Maria are rather fond of them, so John, Robert and I had a quiet sit down while they ooh-ed and aah-ed.
The drive back was interesting, the whole area is covered in vineyards.
We had bought a couple of packs of carsd so settled down back at the Csárda with a few glasses of pálinka to play. Robert is pretty good, but I reckon I could have beaten the rest of them, but they refused to play for money. Chickens.

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