Farewell to Eger.

On Monday we had very little energy left. So we found the market in Eger and bought a few bits and pieces, poppy seed, beans, walnuts.. It’s a lovely market, full of little old ladies selling the produce from their gardens.
After a quiet sit down and cake, we headed back to start on the mamoth task of packing. Starting with 65(!!!) bottles of wine and all Maria’s purchases. John said if he never saw another stair he’d be happy.
Despite being shattered he wanted to go up to one of the local wine cellars but Maria didn’t really fancy it. The more he suggested the more she got stubborn and refused. In the end he went on his own, (and bought more wine) while she stayed and sulked.
I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to get some of the grapes that grew over the tables at the Csárda. I’d seen other people pick some but they would never let me. I thought while no one was paying attention to me I could climb up a vine and be done before they missed me. It would have worked too if I hadn’t got stuck.
Still I got my grapes and only a little telling off.
Today we moved on. We managed to fit everything in the car (just) but I understand they are intending to buy some more wine and peppers!!!. We are off to a little castle in Simontornya.
I was browsing through the guide book when I noticed a write up about an ice cream place, not too far from our route. So I insisted we divert for lunch. Well worth it, perhaps not hundreds, but LOTS of flavours of lovely ice cream, and wonderful cakes.P9293933
The castle seems lovely, I have MY OWN BED and internet.

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