Holiday Inn Again!!

Well woke up early, glad we had packed last night. Quite sorry to be leaving Denver. John had been upgraded again, being the nice man that he is he said Maria and I could have his upgade. So we traveled back to Newark in style. The best bit was the warm chocolate chip cookie and milk about an hour before landing.

We had taken off about 3/4 hours late, although we made some of that up we still didn’t land until 6.45pm, our flight to Birmingham was due to take off at 7.00pm. we were really hoping they would hold for us. Guess what, instead of holding the flight, they in fact took off early. We missed our conection. I can tell you we were not best pleased.

The airline has eventually managed to book us onto the next flight, which isn’t until 7.00pm TOMORROW!! So they are putting us up for the night and feeding us. Guess where they’re putting us up. The Holiday Inn, Marias’ favourite hotel!!! Well actually the rooms not too bad, the furniture and decoration a bit tacky but we’ll manage.

The big worry was we’d miss Robert. he’s off to work in Northern Ireland for a couple of months. But the Maria remembered the clocks go back on Sunday, so all being well we should get back an hour or so before he has to leave.

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