Well we sweltered at the zoo yesterday, with temperatures in the mid 20s. Today we woke up to several inches of snow, and still more snow falling. Some parts nearby were forcast up to 24 inches, even we in Downtown Denver were due about 6 inches. Many roads in the mountains, including the one up to Lookout Mountain were closed, and it takes a lot of snow for them to close roads around here. Who can live with this sort of weather? It is supposed to start warming up again tomorrow, with the weekend back up to the mid 20s. Apparently perfectly normal for around here.

Maria was a bit of a wuss and refused to go out while it was still snowing and blowing a gale. So we just mooched around all morning, watching telly, reading etc. John finished at luchtime. There was a lunch he could have gone to, but it was optional and he said he’d had enough of smilling and being nice to people, so he’d take us to lunch instead. I wasn’t sure I liked the implication but the chili soup was lovely. We then went out to buy another suitcase (we needed one after all the shopping Maria had done).

Maria and John then tried to just go back and loll about (John claimed to be exhausted) but I’d had enough, all that snow was melting and I hadn’t had a chance to go near it. So we went out and took the Free Shuttle up 16th Street Mall, Maria remembered a shop she had wanted to revisit.


No, it wasn’t for shoes. It was a handbag. As John said she has loads at home, why did she need another one? He still bought it her.

It was pretty cold out, and in the distance the Rockies looked pretty well covered with snow.

Snow on the Rockies

I was glad to get back to the hotel and settle down by the fireside with a Cosmopolitan.

Fireside drink

Once we’d got comfortable, we were rather reluctant to move so we ordered some food at the bar. Would you believe what you see is 2 STARTERS. Plenty enough for all three of us to share.

A small snack

Then it’s back up to the room to pack. The airport shuttle is picking us up at 9.30 am. It’s going to be a long journey.

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