Fame at last

Maria has organised a Bear Fair at Patchings for Easter Monday and she needed to publicise it. so she contacted Radio Nottingham. She’s been called up on the phone for the radio before but this time they wanted her to go in to the studio.

Of course she panicked!! So i had to offer to help out. I’m comfortable in all situations.

Wilbeary and John HolmesShe did insist on taking me in in a bag, so for some time John Holmes the presenter didn’t even know I was there. He and Maria went on and on about Hungary and teaching and other bears, ignoring me altogether. She even introduced another bear before me, so that he appeared on the webcam, it’s not even as if it was a finished bear. She’s now talking about making him the current bear of the month, putting him on the front page of the website and calling him Holmes, after John! I ask you, why can’t she get her priorities right? Once I was allowed out of the bag, literally as well as figurativelly, of course my ‘on air’ presence made itself felt. I told John all about my travels and he very kindly played ‘Walking in Memphis’ for me. (We’re off to Memphis and NY in a couple of weeks.)

wilbeary-jo-davies.jpgOn the whole a good show I think, hope Jo (Davis) was pleased, she’s the one who arranged it. Maria has been on her show a few times before (only on the phone though).

I think this could be start of something, who knows, one day my own show. (stranger things have happened, a frog used to have his own TV variety show). 

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