The Foothills

A quiet morning today, sorted through all our shopping and the assorted leaflets and guides we’ve collected and then popped out to buy Maria a hat. We’re booked on a Foothills tour of the Rockies this afternoon and the sun is rather glarring at this time of the year, so we bought a baseball cap. We also managed to find a rather nice buffalo charm for my collection.

The minibus picked us up at the hotel just before 1.00pm. There was already a lady on the bus, she was from London, and guess what she had a bear travelling with her. Her name was Jane and she was the Head Teacher of Highfield Primary School in Hillingdon in Middlesex. The bear was Harvey Bear,who apparently goes on trips with various members of the school. That was great, it meant Maria had someone to talk to and so did I. We picked up 2 more passengers, another lady from London (well Kent) who was a teaching assistant and a chap from Australia who thankfully was nothing to do with teaching. Our driver Mark was great and full of intereting facts. First stop was in Golden, at the Coors brewery, the largest single site brewery in the world. As well as the tour explaining how the beer was brewed we got to try some free samples. I started with a small tasting of Coors Light. Very nice indeed.

Tasting Coors Light

We also had a writband which entitled us to try 3 beers at the end of the tour. Maria and I decided to live life on the edge and went for a Zima XXX Hard Black Cherry flavour. Surprisingly nice, even Maria who doesn’t usually like beer enjoyed it. It tasted very strongly of cherry. Jane and Harvey stuck to a more traditional brew.

 Sharing a beer with a friend

It was a bit early in the day for any more beer, so after a quick trip round the gift shop we headed back to the minibus and up Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bill Codys’ grave. There’s a nice museum with some of his belongings and posters and pictures of him and some of the other famous people (like Wild Bill Hickok) who appeared in his shows.

   Buffalo Bill Wild Bill Hickok

There were bits and pieces, like dressing up clothes to keep youngsters happy. The clothes were a bit too big for me but I did manage to have a go in a saddle. Look rather good, don’t I?


Next to the museum was an observation deck with some stunning views.

 Lookout Mountain View

On our way back down the mountain we saw some excellent views of the Rockies. A fantastic drive even if Maria did have to close her eyes a few times when she noticed how sharply the mountain fell away next to the road.

 View of the Rockies

Our last stop was in the Red Rocks Park, where John had his casino night last night. At least we were seeing it in the daylight. The Amphitheatre made Maria go a bit green, but it is superb, and anyone who is anyone has appeared here (including the Beatles).

 Red Rocks Park

Then it was back to the hotel, to see John briefly. He was on his way out to a rather important meeting over a meal and a few beers at one of Denvers’ micro breweries, so Maria and I went down to the Fireside bar and had a couple of cocktails (called Sex on the Beach!! I didn’t know where to look) and some buffalo burgers. Lovely.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, we’re going to Denver Zoo and I’ll get to meet some Polar Bears.

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