Well it was Johns’ first full day, so Maria and I were on our own. Before we left England we had downloaded a walking tour of Lower Downtown (LoDo) the most historic part of Denver. It started at Union Station which is at the end 16th Street Mall, so we took the shuttle.

 16th Street Mall

We had to exercise a lot of self control not to just go into the Tattered Cover or the Cheesecake Factory. The station was very strange, attractive to look at, spacious and totally deserted. Apparently it only comes to life at the 2 ends of the working day, even the refreshments and the gift shop were closed.

The area was very interesting full of interesting shops, restaurants, micro breweries and galleries. A lot of the area was built around the end of the 19th century, a major fire destroyed a lot of the area and it was made compulsory to rebuild using brick, so as to minimize the risk of future fires.

Larimer Street

We were also on the lookout for some cowboy boots for Maria (shoes again) so we made frequent forays into Western style shops. The problem is Maria has a high instep so getting into boots is difficult at the best of times. In other words we were not successful. Shame ‘cos some of the boots were beautiful (pricy too). We also found some wonderful cowboy shirts, covered in embroidery and rhinestones. However as we felt the chances of either John or Robert wearing them is zero we rather reluctantly left them.

We made our way down Cherry Creek, it was the finding of gold in the creek that led to the founding of Denver. Across the creek we got a nice view of Colorado University with the Rockies (snow capped) in the background.

Colarardo University

We wandered through Larimer Square, once a very seedy area, full of bars and bordellos, but now a very trendy area, very much the hub of LoDo. We walked on through Writers Square. full of bronze statues, mostly of children.

Street sculpture

We also saw our first carved wooden Native American outside a tobaconists. Sooo American.

Tobacco shop

We had arrived back at the 16th Street Mall (somewhat further along of course) so we thought we’d pop back to the hotel and phone Claire, the 7 hour time difference does make it rather difficult to find a mutually convenient time. We met John in the lobby (they were on a brief afternoon break). He’s got a slightly longer break between 5.15 and 6 so we arranged to meet then to download the pictures from Marias’ camera so that I could write this post. Maria had a long chat with Claire (boy the pair of them can talk) and then we were off again. We had had enough walking so we decided to go to the Tattered Cover and hole up with a selction of books in one of their armchairs. Trouble is it was 5.15 before we realised and we had to rush back to the hotel without making a stop off at the Cheesecake Factory.

That meant we had to go out AGAIN. Mind you it was worth it, we bought a slice of lemon and raspberry and a slice of chocolate and raspberry, I look forward to having some after I’ve posted this blog. And Denver looked lovely in the dark. 


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