Well the day started much as yesterday, up and off for a walk to get bialys. Maria tries to kid herself she walks off the calories before she gets there, I’m not convinced.

Yesterday we happened to mention we might go up to Katzs for our lunch, so of course John got all upset ‘cos he fancied their pastrami on rye but he couldn’t get out of work to go. So Maria (always a soft touch) promised to pick some up for him and meet him for lunch. So after we’d passed through Chinatown and Little Italy (and got the bialys) we continued uptown into Lower East Side. It’s amazing how the neighbourhoods change so rapidly as you move from one block to the next. Lower East Side used to be predominantly Jewish but it seems to be in the process of becoming Mexican (with just a dash of Indian) so the Kosher shops are being replaced by Taco shops.

We got the sanwiches (pastrami on rye and chopped liver on rye with pickles) and caught the bus downtown to South Ferry so that we could have our ride on the Statton Island Ferry (the best free ride in NY).

Guess who else was also riding the ferry!! HAGRID!!!! Hagrid!

Well Robby Coltrane, he was taking his children accross. Brill! He REALLY is a GIANT.

It’s a wonderfull ride and the views are amazing. There was a rather sureal experience when we saw an old fashioned sailing ship with the skyscrapers in the background.

Downtown skyline

We had heard that Bishop Desmond Tutu was being interviewed at Trinity Church tonight. Entry into the audience was available to anyone, and free, but numbers were limited and you had to apply for tickets. When we met John for lunch he had some good news. He had heard we had got passes. So we had to hurry back  to the hotel so as to be able to get back for 5pm for the reception before the interview. Maria was shattered, so we thought we’d take the subway, however we had to get out at City Hall and walk the rest of the way ‘cos someone had slipped at 14th street. They’d had to stop the trains and they were backing up. From the way Maria was moaning you’d think nobody had ever walked before.

Anyway, to cut a long story short we got back to the hotel, freshened up and got back to Trinity in time. It was well worth the effort, he is a tremendeously inspirational person and so self deprecating. It was a priviledge to see him.

Bishop Desmond Tutu

We then went back to Chinatown and (to the accompaniment of Maria moaning about being tired) found a nice restaurant to eat at. All in all a very exciting day (and the weather was lovely too) 

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