Wet, wet, wet

You might not get much in the way of jet lag on the trip from UK to NY but you certainly wake up early in the morning. John set off for work and Maria and I lazed around for a while but we were still passing the shops in Chinatown as they were setting up for the day. Way too early for my taste. Still the bialy shop was open when we got there so we started the day with some garlic bialys, lovely.

We didn’t have anything in particular we needed to do, rain was forcast for the afternoon, so we decided to just set off and see where we ended up. In Chinatown of course. Being without John we weren’t for ever going up and down stairs but that’s only ‘cos we walked everywhere instead of taking the subway.

Chinatown is fascinating, everything sort of crammed in together.Chinatown

I think Maria must have some Chinese in her somehow, she loves red and so do the Chinese. She’s talking about doing a Chinese New Year display in her window at Patchings next year. I bet she ends up buying enough stuff to fill 2 or 3 windows.

We eventually ended up at South Street Seaport. A great place to view Brooklyn Bridge.Brooklyn Bridge We had a potter around the shops, very disappointed by Purple-icious, not very purple and way too tasteful. I hoped I’d be able to get something from the Haloween shop but it was just fancy dress costumes for humans, not much use to a bear. Still the Footsie Sock shop was fun and of course the Godiva shop is always worth a visit.

The rain had started at this point so we decided Borders was a good place to hang out. We took the Downtown Shuttle (still free I’m glad to say) to the bottom of Broadway and walked up to meet John for lunch at the coffee bar in Borders. After lunch John had to go back to work (well someone has to earn the money for us to spend) while Maria and I got an ENORMOUS armfull of books and settled down in a corner to decide which we could not do without. A couple of hours, several books and magazines later we decided we had better leave before we spent more than John earned.

By now it was pretty well chucking it down so we decided to take the subway, mind you it seemed to be raining almost as hard below ground as above (leaky roof (I hope)).

When we got back Maria had to change, thank goodness her bag is reasonably waterproof so I was OK. We then just vegged out for an hour or so, finishing off the Italian cakes from las night, and it was time for John to come back, Where did the day go?

I was still full from earlier, and it was still pouring, so I refused their invite to go out for tea. I was glad I had, they came back looking like drowned rats. Apparently the food was lovely (Italian) and the rain should stop by morning. 

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