Farewell to Liberty

Well, it was our last day in New York for this trip. We had packed the night before, we had to extend one of the suitcases to get everything in, and John said we were officially full and Maria was not to buy anything else. We took all the cases down to John’s offices and left him to work while we set off on the best free ride in NY. The Staten Island Ferry. Great views as always.

Staten Island Ferry

I always love the view of downtown as you come back. We’ve seen a sailing ship hanging around this area several times, it always looks incongruous.

Downtown skyline

We then strolled along the Hudson to the Winter Gardens and a final trip to Godiva and Ciao Bella (the green apple sorbet was lovely). I think we are taking back enough chocolate to open our own tuck shop.

Ciao Bella again!!

We then walked accross town to the Borders on Broadway. We passed Ground Zero, there has been significant progress on the foundations, the whole thing is scheduled to be completed 2010. We look forward to it.

Once we were in Borders, Maria seemed to forget all about the ban on any further purchases. (Mind you, as we found out when we got back to John’s offices, so had he.) We also found the coffee shop at Borders stocks the doughnuts from the Doughnut factory, so we could have a last one of those (I think we might have to go on a diet once we get home).

We were a bit upset to find we had all three seats filled in our row on the plane, while all the other rows had an empty seat. Maria noticed one row where there was only one person, so she and I moved so that we could be a bit more comfy. The trip home was OK, took a while and we didn’t sleep (John did, we heard him snoring, despite the fact we were 2 rows back and the other side of the plane), still we had a quick kip when we got home so everything should be OK.

Nice trip, but good to be home. Maria and I need to settle down to some work now, it’s not long until the Festival. My next trip out will be the Nottingham Tennis Open, we’ve got tickets for the whole week.

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