Moods and beads

We decided (well Maria decided) we needed to go to Moods the fabric warehouse today. Maria can get ultrasuede for about $25 -$35 a yard as oposed to the £2.75 a 9in square back home. Well worth doing.

We took the bus up to 34th Street and then the cross town shuttle to 5th Avenue. We then walked up to 37th street and that’s when Maria realised 5th Avenue is where the streets change from East to West and the numbers start at 1. Maria knew Mood was at 225 37th, but couldn’t remember whether it was East or West. Either way a heck of a walk. Luckily John could check for us on his computer at work and then text. It was West. So we walked and we walked and we walked… Of course this is garment district so we were passing lots of little designer shops, accesories and bead shops. We walked past the first 4 bead shops but couldn’t resist by the 5th. Maria bought several beads she’s intending to put round the necks of bears back home. I really liked a lovely W with crytals and rhynestones around it, Maria was mean and refused to get it me, she said I’d fall over I hung anything else around my neck.


We eventually made it to Moods, took the lift to the 2nd floor (which is really the 1st, Americans call ground floor 1st) and walked down the stairs to the basement (which is really the 1st or ground floor depending) and found the ultrasuede. It was pretty hard getting Maria past the silk fabrics. Moods is enormous, the photo shows just one aisle out of about 6 aisles on the one floor. There are 3 floors!!

Fabric choosing at Moods

We then took the crosstown book back to 2nd Avenue and walked a few blocks down to Borders, our first visit on trip to a decent bookshop. I think we will be going back tomorrow. We have to pack tonight and move all our bags to John’s office in the morning. We are then flying back home tomorrow night. I’ll be quiete pleased to get back home and have a rest.

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