First Class

Well that’s it, last day in New York. We got up and packed this morning. I must admit I didn’t think it would all fit. We ended up with a suitcase full of just fur and ultrasuede. Then we checked out, leaving the bags in the luggage room and went off to do some ….. shopping. There are some truly good bargains to be had in Chinatown.

We stopped at Dim Sum Go Go for some dim sum. Last time we did this we just had their selection and we never did work out what some of them contained, so this time we made our own selection. Very nice. It’s a shame we weren’t staying a bit longer ‘cos this afternoon it’s A Taste of Chinatown. All (or a lot) of the restaurants set out stalls and you can get tasters for just $1. A great way to try new things, we were lucky to be there for one of these last year, had a great time.

However we had a flight to catch, so we got our cases back, repacked them, adding all the additional stuff we’d bought and waited for the limo.

John travels so much these days he has Platinum Elite status with Continental Airlines and he was offered an upgrade. He very kindly gave it to Maria and me (he had a colleague from work who was sitting next to him anyway (small world isn’t it)).

So Maria and I travelled First Class!!! The legroom!! The space!! The service!! It’s the only way to travel!!

When we arrived in Denver John was rather grumpy, I don’t think he’d had a very good flight, so we very kindly didn’t go on about our flight. Wonder if they will upgrade him again on the way back, (and if they do will he give it to us again).


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