Goodbye to Hungary

Well, it’s time to go home. I must say I really enjoyed the holiday but I’m probably ready to go home. We left the castle early in the morning, after a quick visit to the wine cellar. We now have 81 bottles of wine!! With a quick stop to buy a dinnye (watermelon) we set off for Neurenburg. A long drive, but luckily no particular problems. We stayed at an inn we used in a previous trip and set off early again this morning.
A good trip until we were about an hour away from Brussels when we hit some awful traffic. We crawled along for some time and Maria got very ratty about the drivers who decided to take the hard shoulder, unfair and dangerous.
Brussels was full of cars and John got pretty harassed trying to get round to our hotel We are staying in the old part of Brussels in the NH Du Grand Sablon. An area we have never stayed in, seems very nice and full of character. We were lucky enough to get an upgrade and the view from our room is lovely.
There is an antique fair going on in the square at the moment, we thought we’d have a look tomorrow. Today we dropped our bags and had a wander around, sussing out the chocolate shops. There are some wonderful (and expensive looking) shops around here.

We chose some chocolates to sample tonight, before doing some serious chocolate shopping tomorrow.
It’s difficult to choose when there is such a variety.
Just a quick listen to a busker and a bit of window shopping, then back to the hotel.
We had a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant (Italian), and then Maria was thrilled to find we can get BBC1 on the TV, she’s been suffering from Strictly Come Dancing withdrawal. We’re intending to get up early tomorrow to watch the Grand Prix and then take it easy. A bit of sight seeing and a lot of chocolate shopping.

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