A rather restless morning, what with Robert getting up at 5.00am and Claire heading for the shower about 9.00, it seemed to take a long time for the family to get up. I nibbled on a bit of cake while waiting. Once we had mopped up the bathroom from Claire flooding it, we headed off to breakfast and then off to the Mátra hills. We were having a folk arty day. We first went to Heves to see some weaving and off course buy some, Claire is as bad as Maria, in fact she spent even more than her.
Then we went off to look at some dolls in traditional costumes. They were nice, but once you’ve seen 3 or 4 I feel you’ve seen enough. Maria however got chatting to the lady who runs the place and it took forever to get away.
We bought a watermelon from a roadside stall, so since we had no knife we paid a visit to a Tesco. We needed more water anyway and Maria and Claire were keen to re-sample Traubisoda, a drink made from grapes and various chemicals. They have fond memories of it from years gone by.
By the time we got back to the hotel/csárda time was getting on, and I had been promised a visit to the wine cellars. Maria decided not to come with us and sat under the vine drinking wine and dabbling in a bit of embroidery.
The csárda does look attractive.
We visited several cellars and John made us give him tasting notes, so he would know where to go back to and buy later. I was really looking forward to cellar number 16, Molnár Pince.I made friends with a very nice young lady there last time we visited 2 years ago. As it happens she wasn’t there, but the young lady who was there seemed to take a bit of a shine to me.
We then joined Maria under the vines at the csárda and had a bite to eat. Tomorrow is another busy day, I hope this lovely weather holds.

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