Big needles

We’re off to India tomorrow morning (me, Maria and John). We’re heading off in the wee small hours, and should arrive in Bangalore sometime in the evening. This is all wonderful, and I’m really looking forward to it, but you would have thought they’d warn you of the entry requirements! I was conned into visiting the travel clinic (they told me we were going to a sweet shop), where at least 4 nurses ambushed me and held me down. I fought valiantly, but they still managed to drive an ENORMOUS needle into my arm! They’ve tried to excuse their crime and con me into believing they were administering important innoculations, but it’s clear to me they were trying to stop me from leaving the country. I am, however, a very brave bear and so I will be stretchered onto the plane in the morning, and I’m sure the extreme pain will not prevent me from enjoying myself.

Maria and John insist that I’m being a big baby, and Maria even tries to pretend that she had to have the jabs herself, but as I’ve pointed out to her – look at the relative size of the needle to her and to me!

wilbeary injection

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