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For heavens sake…

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

We’ve had an interesting summer.
First there was the Patchings Art, Craft and Design Festival. Busy as usual, until the Sunday, when the heavens opened. I don’t remember rain like that in the whole of my life, the only way to get to the studios was to wade ankle deep, that’s Maria’s ankle, I’d have gone under completely. So the Sunday was a bit of a ‘washout’.
We then went to Somerset. Maria was booked on a bear making course. Yes I know, she can already make bears but this was with her hero Gregory Gyllenship. We stayed in a rather nice hotel/pub, The George in Castle Carey, with great food.
George Hotel Castle Cary somerset
The breakfast were particularly good.
Willbeary enjoying breakfast
While Maria went off to make a bear, John and I had a wander around and looked for some cider. I don’t like to watch bears being made, it makes me feel quesy. Claire also came to join us for the day.
Willbeary in Somerset
I think she only came for the free meal.
The bear Maria made turned out great, and Maria says she learned a lot.
We have also been to the theatre recently. Maria and John were off to see Fascinating Aida and they tried to claim I was too young, but I soon put a stop to that. I may not have understood all the jokes but I enjoyed what I did understand.
I’ve always loved Queen, particularly played really loud as we drive down the motorway. So when we heard ‘We Will Rock You’ was coming to the Birmingham Hippodrome we had to go. A lovely theatre and a GREAT show. The audience were a bit quiet at first, but once they saw Maria and me joining in they soon livened up, and by the end the whole place was rocking.
We had the usual Bear Fair at the end of August and Maria felt rather harrassed because she was also trying to organise our trip to Hungary at the same time. Despite all her fuss it all got sorted out in the end. The Fair went well and we are now in last bits of packing.
John is fussing about how much stuff we are taking (blaming Maria for most of it), and Maria keeps telling me I can’t take things. I mean, for heavens sake, it’s not as if I’m trying to take loads. Just my hat and sock (I really should have knitted the second one) in case it gets cold, and a few bits to keep me entertained, like my guitar and kite (which Claire very kindly bought me and NOBODY has taken me out to fly).
Wilbeary packing
I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about, we are taking the car!
We’ll be gone for almost 4 weeks and I’ll try to post as often as I can.