Walking over old ground

Didn’t manage to post yesterday. I have to wait until John comes back from work, yesterday we were going out to the theatre, so there was no time.

We went to the TKTS offices in the morning to see what we could get tickets for. John really fancied Chicago and we were lucky enough to get half price tickets for it. TKTS is brill, we met some people at the show in the evening who had bought tickets that morning through their hotel, and not only had they paid full price but also a markup for the hotel. They ended up paying 3 times what we paid, for seats that were no better. Boy were they cross. Still at least they knew where to get tickets for today.

Anyway back to yesterday, after getting the tickets Maria decided she fancied going over some old ground, so we went to the World Financial Center, the Winter Gardens. Ciao Bella ice cream and Godiva chocolates, what more could you ask for? Well we got a free dance performance, at least we think it was a dance performance. There was music (sort of) and movement. To be honest neither of us appreciated it too much,

The Otani Garden Sophisticated Ladies If the shoe fits

We then walked down to Samantha’s and had a chicken parmigiana hero for lunch, we ate it in Battery Gardens. A real walk down memory lane.

Maria wanted to go to Mood, a fabric warehouse in the garment district. She always likes to visit for bargains. You never know what they’ll have but it’s always a bargain. It’s a bit of a sureal experience, Mood is on floor 3 of what looks like an ordinary skyscraper, looks just like an office block. Once you’re inside it’s an enourmous warehouse with rolls and rolls of fabric, on 3 floors! So you go upstairs for fur fabrics and downstairs for ultrasuede, all inside the middle of a building, so what feels like the basement is in fact the 2nd floor. Strange. Anyway we got some great bargains , including ultrasuede at $25 a yard, (measured by eye so it’s more like 1 1/2 yards).

Maria had talked about going to Penn Station for some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but she was so tired from all the walking and it was 4.15 so she decided she didn’t want doughnuts that much and we went back to the hotel. By the time we got back John was just arriving and by the time we’d talked to Rob and Claire it was time to go to Broadway to see the show. It was great, the costumes seemed rather scanty to me but Maria and John seemed to appreciate it.

When we checked Marias’ purchases from Mood we found she had left some of her ultrasuede behind so today we had to go back. Luckily they had realised and put it to one side for her. Of course while we were there she had to buy some more, how she thinks she’s going to take it all back to the UK I don’t know.

While up in midtown of course we had to go to Penn Station and buy those doughnuts we missed yesterday.

After all that, all we were fit for was to go back to the hotel, buy a movie (The Prarie Home Companion), eat doughnuts and veg out. Tomorrow it’s on to Denver, we’ve heard it’s cold and they’ve had snow!!  

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  1. Claire says:

    Hope you have fun in Denver, and don’t throw snowballs at everyone.

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