Home alone

You think you can trust people and then you find that they have sneaked off without you!!

I had a bit of a lie in this morning and got up to find the house empty. I assumed they had all gone off to Patchings, a little surprising since I know it’s Maria’s birthday.

I waited around and eventually Claire came home, she had indeed been to Patchings but Maria and John have swanned off to London!!! Without even telling me (never mind inviting me)!!!!

Matters were not improved when we received a phone call (a rather drunken one I would say) going on about how lovely the hotel is, how great the cocktails were, the fantastic (and expensive) meal in the restaurant (something about a River Cottage chef). Then there was the photo emailed to us showing the lovely flowers and complimentary cake for their anniversary.

London at the Intercontinental for their 30th Wedding anniversary

I could just about understand they might want to spend their birthdays and anniversary (30th!!!!) off on their own, but then I found Claire and Robert were also going down to London for high tea at the Dorchester on Monday, together with Maureen and Rob (John’s parents). It seems I was the only one left out!

So I’ve put my foot down and insisted I go too, after all I am a member of the family. Claire muttered something about the car only being a 2 seater and the Dorchester having a dress code. Cheek! As if I wasn’t smart enough for anywhere. 

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