Feeling yucky

We lost internet connection in the apartment last night so despite the interesting day and lots of nice photos I couldn’t post. Just as well perhaps ‘cos I wouldn’t have had much to say today. Maria woke up feeling yucky and didn’t want to go anywhere, I talked to her about ‘mind over matter’ and not ‘giving in’ but we still spent the day in the apartment, watching films,and generally mooching around. It wasn’t until John came home we went anywhere, even then it was only next door to the Beer Keller. Mind the food and beer were good.

Yesterday we had the scariest bus ride of our lives (I bet that’s what did for Maria). We went on the Grey Line Tour Bus (Maria bought a 48 hour pass, there’s half of that gone to waste). There are 3 parts to the tour, the Downtown Loop, the Uptown Loop and the Brooklyn Loop. We decide to do the Brooklyn Loop since we’d never done that before. To get to Brooklyn you have to cross the East River. We crossed on the upper level of Manhattan Bridge. Until you have gone across a high bridge ,upstairs on an open top bus, at speed, near the edge of a bridge where the rail does not come all the way to the top of the bus you don’t realise how harrowing a bus ride can be.


 Brooklyn looks very different from Manhatttan, for a start the ground is sandy while Manhattan has the shist rock (enabling it to build high).


There is a strong Dutch influence to the building, so you get lots of brown brick walkups (no lifts) with stoops. This is the sort of area Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond grew up in.


There is a large Middle Eastern community in Brooklyn. We noticed one of the distinctive identifiers of the different neighbourhoods is the smell. As we travelled around on the tour bus we noticed how the smells changed,all pleasant but all distinct. I particularly like Chinatown. We left the tour bus around Time Square and wandered around Midtown, 5th Avenue area.


We finished up at Grand Central Station and did some shopping at the market, including some New York Strip steaks and tiramisu. Then we lugged all our shopping back on the subway.

Hopefully Maria will be OK tomorrow and we can go to the Top of the Rock (and Maria fancies Tiffanys).

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