We spent most of yesterday travelling. Before we set off from the Peabody we made one last trip to Lansky. Fatal. Bernard Lansky was there and he managed to sell a hat to Maria. How could she not buy something from Elvis’ personal tailor? Mind you it does look good. She says, having shook hands with Bernard she’s only 2 steps from Elvis ( and Johhny Cash etc. etc.).

We eventually caught our flight to Houston. It was only a dinky plane, about a 30 seater, but half empty so I got a seat to myself. It was strange to be flying further away from NY in order to get there, but there wre no direct flight and this was our best connection. In Houston we changed to a wide bodied jet and as we were boarding we were told we’d been given an upgarde. What with Maria and I looking at him with puppy dog eyes, John very kindly let us have it. The result was Maria and I had a lovely relaxed flight and John got off the plane all grumpy.

We’re staying somewher new in NY, we found an appartment hotel just off Soho in Lower East side. It’s only a few blocks away from the Holiday Inn we stayed at last time but the feel of the neighbourhood is completely different. As we go into Soho, it’s pretty trendy with lots of shops selling quirky and interesting things. Lots of clothes from young designers, great shoe shops (Maria had to have a pair of shoes, she says they are things of beauty, John says they are flip flops with beads) and shops with some great bags and jewellry. I think John is running a real risk going to work and leaving Maria near these shops with a credit card.

Going the other way, we end up in Lower East Side, a totally differnt neighbourhood. It contains the bialy shop we love (guess what we had for breakfast). Katz’ deli, where we bought some pastrami, corned beef and chopped liver for our tea. 

Wilbury ensuring that he gets the right pastrami at Katz's

The Pickle Guys, where we bought some pickles of assorted types to go with the pastrami etc. There are lots of other Jewish delis including one with a fantastic selection of salted and smoked fish, we got some lovely lox and cream cheese to go with our bagels for tomorrow.

We did a lot of walking today, including a trip to The Winter Gardens at the World Financial Center. Godiva chocolates, and off course the best ice cream in New York. Ciao Bella.

Wilbeary choosing his ice cream

The difficulty is choosing what flavour to have.

Wilbeary eating his ice cream

Tomorrow John is back at work and Maria and I are on our own. We thought we might take the tour bus. It’s years since Maria took it and I never have.


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