Bye, bye, birdies.


Well, it was our last full day in Memphis, tommorrow we move on to New York.

Maria and I dithered about what we were going to do for the day. John was finishing at lunch time, but he did have a couple of extra meetings scheduled for some time in the afternoon. He had held out a vague hope we might be able to get him into Lanskys if we were around when he finished. Lansky was the personal tailor to Elvis and we had had a quick look. They had some lovely shirts, but John is strange, if Maria likes something for herself and it costs $150 he thinks it quite reasonable, but a shirt for him at $110 was way overpriced(!??) So we decided to be lazy and just hang around the hotel for the day. We visited the little museum Peabody has. Did you know you used to be able to stay here for $6 a night, but if you wanted a radio you had to rent it for 50 cents extra? 

Peabody hotel memorabila room

We caught up with John at lunchtime and had a sandwich from the deli together. We holed up in the lobby bar and met our favourite cocktail waitress again. Maria and I shared our last strawberry dacquiry and John had some Tennessee sippin’ whisky (also known as Jack Daniels). John went off for a final meeting and Maria and I watched the march of the ducks for a final time (we MAY just catch them in the morning), they sure do attract a big crowd.

Peabody hotel - crowd gthered for the

John was all for going to B B Kings again, but Maria wasn’t keen, she fancied the Italian grill here at the Peabody. As usual she won. The food was very nice, the atmosphere elegant but I still think John felt it wasn’t a patch on B B Kings.

ps. John bought 2 shirts at Lanskys.

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